Northern Brown Argus


A small dusky butterfly restricted to scattered sites, principally limestone, in Scotland and northern England: it is at the southern edge of its British range in Cumbria. It prefers well drained, unimproved, lightly grazed or un-grazed grassy sward with abundant Rock Rose plants. The white spots on the forewings are highly variable within the county and contrary to some accounts, the butterflies at Latterbarrow have a white forewing spot (like the Scottish specimens and unlike the reported northern English specimens where the spot is absent).

Where to look

The butterfly is found on the limestone grassland of south Cumbria. It is widespread but usually only seen in small numbers. Good places to look are Latterbarrow, SD439829: Arnside Knott, SD455774: Witherslack Woods, SD436863 and Smardale Gill, NY724066.

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When to look

Mid June into the first week of August.

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