Cumbria Day-Flying Moth Sightings: Chrysoteuchia culmella

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Date Species Number Life Stage Site Town Grid Ref. V. County Recorder Comment Image
29 Jun 2022 Chrysoteuchia culmella 3 Adult Scrape by River Lyvennet Kings Meaburn NY619201 VC69 Westmorland David Nattrass Corrected to this species by M Chadwick rather than the initial (...) 37051.jpeg
16 Jun 2022 Chrysoteuchia culmella 10 Adult River Esk Longtown NY369678 VC70 Cumberland Paul Kennedy At least 10 at this map ref, but hundreds of grass moths were (...) 36443.jpeg
7 Jun 2022 Chrysoteuchia culmella 1 Adult Newbiggin Wood Carlisle NY43635127 VC70 Cumberland Paul Kennedy On grassland at the woodland edge. 36191.jpeg
17 Jun 2021 Chrysoteuchia culmella 5 Adult Cummersdale Carlisle NY39445243 VC70 Cumberland Paul Kennedy By the River Caldew. 31145.jpeg
14 Jun 2021 Chrysoteuchia culmella 1 Adult Scarrowhill Wood Brampton NY566613 VC70 Cumberland Paul Kennedy In an area of sparsely wooded grassland. Probably numerous, but (...) 31098.jpeg
24 Jun 2020 Chrysoteuchia culmella 30 Adult Sunbiggin Tarn Tebay NY674077 VC69 Westmorland John Mounsey Number represents abundant, disturbed from the grass. Cilia (...) 27027.jpeg
9 Jun 2019 Chrysoteuchia culmella 5 Adult Kendal Kendal SD499915 VC69 Westmorland John Mounsey Disturbed from vegetation along with many smaller whitish micros (...) 19408.jpeg
12 Jul 2018 Chrysoteuchia culmella 100 Adult Low Crag Wood Witherslack SD444853 VC69 Westmorland Dave Wainwright
8 Jun 2018 Chrysoteuchia culmella 1 Adult Oxen Park Oxen Park SD3187 VC69 Westmorland Tony Moverley (Argent Seen by Martin Tordoff
18 Jun 2016 Chrysoteuchia culmella 30 Adult Hutton Roof/Dalton Crag Burton-in-Kendal SD5577 VC69 Westmorland John Mounsey Chysoteuchia culmella, but probably not all this species. (...) 5655.jpeg