Large Heath
  Coenonympha tullia
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The Large Heath is to be found on BOGS AND MOSSES that contain the larval foodplant Cotton Grass. The more strongly marked form ‘Davus’ is found on the South Cumbria mosses and the less striking ‘Polydama’ form on the Solway mosses in the north of the county. The butterfly is also occasionally found on the fells at higher level on Blanket Bogs.

Important Safety Note: The Cumbrian mosses are a hazardous environment due to deep water filled cavities in the peat that are impossible to see except to the experienced eye. It is therefore important to keep to paths or boardwalks where these are provided. Wear Wellies or expect very wet feet !

Where to look

In the South look for the ‘Davus’ form at Meathop Moss, SD 445819 and in the north the ‘Polydama’ form can be seen at Glasson Moss, NY 230604

When to look

Mid-June to the end of July